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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Everyone one can eat shit!

Today is the dawn of a new era. Rant is done with all the bullshit. Fourteen years of the corporate grind is coming to an end. Twenty years of putting everyone on earth before me is over. It won’t happen overnight but anything and everyone that is not on board with who Rant is will be axed from my life. No more dysfunctional people, places and things. No more selling out my ethics for a lousy paycheck. Anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss my white ass.

It’s taken me along time but I have come to realize that my circumstances are generally of my own making and they are crushing my soul. I love my kids and some of my friends and family but that’s. I haven’t been able to do what I have wanted to for decades and I have come to realize that the people I was trying to please are selfish, ungrateful assholes that really don’t give a fuck about me. They don’t deserve a second of my consideration anymore. Other than my kids I will no longer think of anyone but myself and what will make me happy.

My days as a corporate drone are nearing an end. I am interviewing for a position as a part time sushi chef. I have a history and a passion about sushi but will save that for another time. I might drive for Uber and Lyft. I’ll drain one of my 401k account to get situated with a life that I want to live now instead of banking on a future date that may never come, all the while just enriching the money grubbers in the temple. Last week I told my bosses that I was done and that they could either work a deal out with me to get all this info I possess or they could go fuck themselves. Funny how when you tell someone to fuck off, then they all of sudden value you. Fourteen years they have treated me like shit, now they don’t want to lose me. Is it me they don’t really want to lose or is it the information that I possess? Once they have that information they will no longer give a fuck. At least I have a hand to play unlike most chumps.

Don’t even get me started on my 18-year marriage. You give a woman your heart and soul then they trample on it because of some bullshit. Funny how these chicks don’t realize that the show is basically over for them after 40 but for guys it’s just starting. I’ll be running strong right out of the gate. It ain’t bragging, it just is. I’m not going into any details on that but trust me I’ll be in prime shape. I have nothing left for the ungrateful cunts in this world. There is nothing more in this life that pisses me off more than people mistaking my kindness for weakness. It’s kind of funny watching their reaction when you go from Mr. nice guy to Mr. hard ass. They can all go fuck themselves.

Many are cautioning me that I am throwing it all way, that I should save my marriage and career. What’s to save? A man can only be shit on for so long before he breaks and I am at that breaking point. I feel like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. The parallels are quite amazing. Time to stop fucking around with all this functional training crap in favor of training to look hot. Time to start thinking about what it is that I want to do.

And don’t you assholes start telling me what to do. Fuck you and your opinions. I’ll always have my kids covered. I won’t ever leave or forsake them. They stay with me. End of fucking story. And money is just fucking money. There’s knuckle heads digging ditches making as much or more money than me. These corporate grinds don’t pay as much as you’d think and even if they did the tradeoff is hardly worth it. I am sick to death of compromising my ethics and values for a fucking paycheck. And I’m even more fed up with kowtowing to pathetic, pencil neck, cunts that deserve nothing but my scorn and derision.

As Bob Dylan once said, “we all serve somebody”.  I realize that life is about dealing with assholes and people trying to cheat you at every turn. My challenge is to eliminate as many of these people as possible in my life. My challenge it to embrace my passions first. Today starts my official announcement. Tomorrow the real work has already started. My new training regimen starts tomorrow before dawn. I will become a 4 am ninja Monday thru Friday, with pre work workouts. The weekends will be for fun, my fun. Fuck everything else. My training inspiration will come from myself but I am getting a lot for that cunt that runs Lift-Run-Bang.


  1. Good for you Rant! Don't take any shit from anyone any more, your a good man,I'm pretty much doing the same thing with my job, after 40 yrs. I'm tired of the bullshit also, keep on being the great dad that you are,and hit the ground running with this new chapter in your life,keep us posted on your new workout routine, take care.

  2. " I feel like Kevin Spacey"

    " Time to stop fucking around with all this functional training crap in favor of training to look hot."

    So you're coming out of the closet?

    "My training inspiration will come from myself but I am getting a lot for that cunt that runs Lift-Run-Bang."

    Judging by those photos from his bodybuilding show, I'd say it's a safe bet that he's also coming out of the closet.

  3. You will be paying child and spousal support based on current income. No judge gives a fuck about your dreams, come short of the money you go to jail.

  4. But...but....I don't wanna eat shit. It isn't that great, trust me.

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  6. Who here thinks Rant's everyone-can-eat-shit plan isn't working out so great? Let's see a show of hands.

  7. I think Paul Carter went to runt's house and knocked his teeth down his throat after the "cunt" comment.

    runt is obviously panning for some extra mileage by trying to start a flame war with Paul but Paul's a good dude and wouldn't waste his time on this bipolar weirdo.